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Lounging with Gillette at the Olympics

Gillette Lounge Party e1344625855109 560x272

Ryan Lochte Viewing Party at Gillette Lounge

So the good folks at Gillette have put together this Lounge at the P&G Family Home in London for the Olympics, and it’s been the center of much activity over the past two weeks.

The Gillette Lounge within the P&G Family Home is a uniquely designed refuge providing men with many of the creature comforts they typically enjoy at home. Featuring an unrivaled grooming lounge, pool tables, video games, and a viewing area, the Male Grooming Space allows athletes and their families to un-wind from the day and get prepared for a great start the following day

They’ve held a series of events there, and invited many athletes to join them, get a shave, and just hang out. This has led to some rather amusing photos which we’ve collected below :

World Athlete Shave 560x372

Athletes from around the world shave together.

Justin Gatlin Shave 560x374

Justin Gatlin gets a shave to prepare for his 100m heats.

Tyson Chandler Shawn Johnson 560x782

Tyson Chandler is just a few inches taller than Shawn Johnson

Lochte Bling Razor 560x371

Ryan Lochte with his Grill and blinged out razor.

Lolo Jones Gillette 560x391

Lolo Jones tries to decide who to give her flower to.

Check out Gillette’s Facebook page for more great moments from the Lounge.

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Tyson Chandler Shawn Johnson 75x75
Justin Gatlin Shave 75x75
World Athlete Shave 75x75
Gillette Lounge Party e1344625855109 75x75
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