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Niyama Maldives Resort

NIYAMA Per AQUUM Main 560x171The Niyama is a 5-Star resort in Maldives, and as you can tell from the photographs, it’s paradise on earth. This private destination is a 40 minute seaplane flight from Malé, the capital of Maldives. For those of you wondering where the hell Maldives is, it’s located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, south of India and east of Africa. So yeah, it’ll take you awhile to get there from the United States, but we can’t imagine you would regret the long flight. The resort features overwater pavilions, stand-alone studios, and beachfront bliss starting at about $600 per night. It is one of the most amazing getaways you could ever imagine, and we have photographs to prove it :

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Niyama Resort in Maldives 1 150x150
Niyama Maldives 150x150
NIYAMA Per AQUUM Main 150x150
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