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Ultimate London Olympic Infographics Collection

Olympic Venues in London Map by  560x379The London Olympics are upon us (in case you’ve somehow missed that fact) which means it’s the current favorite topic of every media outlet on the planet. In Internet terms that means it’s the latest subject for Infographics… lots of them. We’ve collected the following images from around the Internet, and believe us, there are tons more. If you actually read all of these, you should win some sort of medal :

We’ll start with London Games by the Numbers :

olimpiadaslondres2012 560x1198

olympics 011 560x2240

… and then a look at London as the Olympic host city :

london olympics infographic 560x5917

…and now for a closer look at the Olympic Venues :

London 2012 Olympic Venues Infographic 560x575Olympic English 560x793… and a closer look at the events schedule (most useful part of this graphic)

london olympics infographic revised 560x4351…and the obligatory look at social media and the Olympics :

Olympics 560x724Finally we close with a Brit’s Guide to Avoiding the Olympics :

avoiding olympics v2 560x2190

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Olympic English1 e1343186522625 150x150
avoiding olympics v2 75x75
Olympics 75x75
london olympics infographic revised 75x75
Olympic English 75x75
London 2012 Olympic Venues Infographic 75x75
olimpiadaslondres2012 75x75
london olympics infographic 75x75
olympics 011 75x75
Olympic Venues in London Map by  75x75